Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Brain-Computer Interface : Where are we heading?

Computers that can be controlled with human brain are making headlines these days. Military organizations are reportedly conducting research on using this new technology to improve troop performance. From what I have read, the technology seems to work this way. Instead of the usual radio communication, a soldier just has to wear a special helmet that reads brain-waves, think what he wishes to communicate and to whom, and the other person perceives it as a thought.

Taking this concept to a new level, I think this technology could be more useful than just communication. Think about it this way. We know how to get the computer to read thoughts, and we know how to get the human brain to perceive those computer generated messages as thoughts. What if we use both of these things on a single human brain and add a computer processor in between? You get a system where a person has increased mental processing, since the brain is coupled with a computer, hence more intelligence.

If this technology is ever implemented, it could have serious fallouts. The intelligence of humans as species will increase very rapidly, and this will be equivalent to an artificial evolution process.

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