Saturday, January 10, 2009

HTML can be made faster

You might have done HTML programming sometime. You have tags like <html>, <body>, <table> blah,blah,blah.

But with the presence of such tools like Frontpage or Interdev, using which you can create web pages without having any knowledge of HTML, do you think that having such 'human understandable' HTML tags are necessary any longer?

Instead, why not have a newer version of HTML, which will have character-long tags that only computer can understand and can download from the internet quickly? For example, instead of <table>, if I use something like ɛ to represent the same thing, I end up using one character instead of seven in '<table>',which results in usage of a 7th of bandwidth owing to tags.

Developers should think about this.

According to my estimates, this will make HTML downloading faster by atleast 10%-20%, considering that the number of tags can be very high on complex sites. Though a difference of milliseconds, it is significant.


  1. The whole idea of HTML is that it is simple enough for everyone to understand. It has worked well since the early 1990's!
    With today's fast download speeds, the bandwidth isn't really an issue.

    Like your blog though - its interesting!

  2. but there are still countries where band width is an issue and this will work well there....