Sunday, January 11, 2009

IQ based voting system should be introduced

We are all aware of how democracy works. Though not completely flawless, it is the best system for administration as of now.

The ususal way of how it works is a group potential leaders makes some promises, and if majority of the people, irrespective of their qualities, think that one of them can make a good leader, he is elected and given related responsibilities.

But in such a system, there is a fair chance that people may not choose a good leader, mostly because they don't know or don't have the ability to think what's good for them. Such instances can be easily seen in India, where majority of the public has very low IQ, though some part of the population is very intellectual.

There is a solution to this. Instead of equal voting rights, where one person represents one vote, it should be based on IQ of the person. For example, a person with IQ 70 should represent 0.7 vote while a person with IQ 140 should represent 1.4 vote.

Though a difficult task to put it into practice, such a system will compel leaders to take intelligence-driven decisions, and will curb the ill-effects of vote bank politics to a large extent.

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